Saturday, May 18, 2013

Choc Cherry Mousse Cups

Don't these choc cherry mousse cups look super cute?  And so easy to make.  You could use pitted cherries from a jar for this (just make sure they're additive free) but I did see some fresh cherries at the supermarket so decided to use those. I made 6 choc cherry mousse cups but you could easily double the ingredients to make more.  And in case you're wondering, the avocado in the mousse is for the creamy texture... you cannot taste the avocado in the finished product!

Ingredients (makes 6):
1 cup dessicated organic coconut
4 fresh Medjool dates, pitted
2 tsp coconut oil

Flesh of 1 ripe avocado
1/3 cup cacao powder
3/4 cup coconut cream (I refrigerated the tin first and then used the cream portion off the top)
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
2 tsp vanilla essence

Also need:
Jar of pitted cherries or some fresh pitted cherries (I used fresh ones)

1.  Make the base - in Thermomix or food processor, blend together all the base ingredients (10sec/sp6 in Thermomix).  Evenly distribute the mixture among serving cups and press down slightly.

2.  Top the base with pitted cherries.  I used 3 fresh cherries in each cup (I have a nifty little cherry/olive pitter that I bought from a kitchenware shop... surprisingly it gets used more than I expected!)

3.  Make the mousse - add to a bowl or Thermomix all of the mousse ingredients and whip with an electric mixer until fluffy or whip in Thermomix for 1min/sp5-6.  Spoon the mousse over the top of the cherries.  Refrigerate until set. 


  1. Oh, Iwa, how did you know I had all the ingredients to make these (with a few substitutions)? I just finished whipping them up and I already can't wait til dessert! Here's what I used:
    -dried figs (soaked for a couple of hours) instead of the dates,
    -frozen raspberries instead of cherries,
    -cacao/maca blend for the cocoa
    -agave syrup instead of maple.

    Also didn't use any vanilla as a) I don't have any and b) the maca tastes a bit vanilla-y anyway.

    And it seems to have worked pretty darn well, given the taste testing I just couldn't resist doing!

  2. Meagan, that is awesome! I was actually thinking of using figs for the base too but went with the dates just cos I didn't want to wait to soak the figs at the time :) And raspberries would be so good in this too! Let me know how they turned out!

  3. It was OK - I can see it being MUCH better with proper cocoa/melted dark chocolate and maple syrup or honey. I think it must been the maca and agave that didn't work so well. But it had a really great texture though and we both loved the base!

  4. Oh and I was meant to mention - I made it all with a stick blender. That's how excited I was for healthy chocolate mousse cups.