Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Raw Nut Milk

I frequently make raw nut milks at home.  They are so easy to make and much more economical than buying.  And not only that, you know exactly what goes into them!  The picture above is organic cashew milk that I just made this morning - I soaked the cashews for about 3 hours beforehand.  Different types of nuts need to be soaked for different periods of time in order to de-activate the enzyme inhibitors - this makes the nutrients within the nuts more available for absorption by your body.  If I'm making almond or hazelnut milk, I will soak those types of nuts for closer to 12 hours.  I use these nut milks for my morning breakfast smoothies.  The leftover pulp can be used as well - I have used mine in raw vegan desserts.  If you're not using it straight away, just make sure you pop it into a ziplock bag and freeze it until use.   

Ingredients (makes 1L)
1 cup raw nuts, soaked in filtered water
4 cups filtered water
Optional - small amount of sweetener such as rapadura/maple syrup - I used 1 date

1.  Drain and rinse the nuts.  Tip them into Thermomix or blender.  

2.  Add 4 cups of water, and sweetener if using.  Blend for approximately 1 minute on high speed (speed 9 in Thermomix).

3.  Strain the nut milk through a fine sieve or a nut milk bag.  Store the nut milk in the fridge and consume within 4 days.


  1. Hi Iwa, I've only just discovered your blog but am loving it! Thanks for all the fantastic recipes!! Just one question - I saw your recipe for choc cake using the leftover nut pulp, and you said that you dehydrated the pulp in your oven. How long and what temperature?? Many thanks, Chris

    1. Hi Chris! Glad you're liking my blog! With dehydrating nut pulp, last time I did this, I did it on much too high a temperature and browned the pulp a bit :) So i'd suggest dehydrating in a slow oven, around 100 degrees, for maybe a couple of hours till the pulp is really dry. Keep an eye on it so you don't burn it! Good luck.

    2. Many thanks Iwa, I'll give it a go! :)