Thursday, December 18, 2014

Body Butter

I am super excited to be delving into the world of making my own body products.  I've been fascinated by aromatherapy for quite a while (and at some point I would love to study it) and have accumulated quite a stash of essential oils over the past couple of years.  I love coming up with new ways of incorporating their use into everyday life and with Christmas coming up, what better way than adding them to some homemade body products for Christmas pressies?  This recipe for body butter required a little experimentation.  It doesn't whip into a butter-like consistency but when you let it set for a few hours, it ends up with the most gorgeous, fluffy, butter-like texture then!

Ingredients (makes about 250ml which I used to fill 2 glass jars):
- 180g shea nut butter (I purchased mine in a big tub from the Sydney Essential Oil Company)
- 30g coconut oil
- 30g macadamia oil
- 1tsp vitamin E oil (this acts as an antioxidant)
- 30 drops of pure essential oil - I used 10 drops each of lavender, chamomile and orange

1.  Melt the shea butter, coconut oil and macadamia oil on a very low heat, stirring constantly.  Transfer into a glass bowl and pop into the fridge for about 15 minutes or until the mix starts to solidify around the edges and has cooled right down.

(Thermomix - add shea butter, coconut oil and macadamia oil into the TM bowl, chop for 5sec/sp6, melt for 3min/50deg/sp2.  Pour into a glass bowl and pop into the fridge for about 15min or until mixture starts to solidify).

2.  Add the remaining ingredients.  Whip for a few minutes with an electric mixer until the mixture is creamy.  Transfer to glass jars, pop jar lids on and allow to set at room temperature for a few hours or overnight.

(Thermomix - pour the mixture back into the TM, add the remaining ingredients, put in the butterfly and whip for 3min/sp4.  Pour into glass jars, put the lids on and allow to set for a few hours or overnight at room temperature). 

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