Friday, July 19, 2013

Hopewood Health Retreat

I'm back in Perth now from my holidays on the east coast and decided that for my first blog post back, I would blog about the time last month which I spent at Hopewood Health Retreat in Wallacia, located in the foothills of the Blue Mountains and approximately an hour west of Sydney. 

After a pretty intense first few months of 2013, I was in desperate need of a break by the time the end of June came around.   So I flew to Sydney where I met up with a friend and off we went to Hopewood for 4 nights. 

Our days at Hopewood were spent enjoying taking time out for ourselves which, as all mums know, is a rarity!  So to have 4 days of it was fantastic.  When we first arrived, I was thinking that with 4 days to myself I wouldn't know what to do with myself!  Well I found ways to fill the time and the 4 days were over so quickly!

For me, spending time surrounded by nature is something that is extremely therapeutic.  No matter what is going on in my life, if I can spend some time soaking up the beauty of nature and some sunshine, without fail I end up feeling better.   

Hopewood offers various types of packages depending on what your requirements are.  Because I wanted some "time out" to recharge my batteries, I opted for the Perfect Pamper package which included a choice of various spa treatments - I chose an organic facial, full body exfoliation, deluxe massage and reiki.  In addition, I also had a spa pedicure. 

The rest of my time was spent going for bush walks along the river, doing yoga classes, meditation classes and activities such as aqua aerobics and boxercise.   The food at Hopewood was a selection of beautiful vegetarian food which, as lovely as it was, I must admit was the one thing that I struggled with a little because I am usually a big meat eater!   

At the end of my 4 day stay, I felt ready to see my family again as I was starting to miss them and felt like my batteries had well and truly been recharged... though an extra day or 2 at Hopewood would've been even better!  My friend and I are already planning to go back there again in a year.  I highly recommend Hopewood Health Rereat to anyone wanting to take time out for themselves from the stresses of everyday life and I also look forward to going back there! 

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